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Justice at Any Price

One man's stand in the face of tyranny

Justice at Any Price

Fri 23 Apr 2021
One man's stand in the face of tyranny
Ethics, justice and social welfare, Life stories
justice, corruption, courage, faith
Bible reference(s): Luke 18:27

Jean-Marie currently resides with his family in Canberra, having applied for a protection visa in 2017. Growing up in Burundi from a mixed marriage of Tutsi and Hutu parents, Jean-Marie was no stranger to persecution. Against the backdrop of civil war, Jean-Marie felt compelled to pursue justice through both practising law and advocating for human rights. Against the odds, he rose to become the Head of the Criminal Section of the Supreme Court, the highest in the country of Burundi. Corruption and government interference in judicial matters was commonplace. Jean-Marie felt this firsthand one Friday afternoon when the President called him during the trial of a political opponent. What happens next is worth tuning in to find out.

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