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Proving Ground Hardcopy

Fri 29 Jul 2022
40 Reflections on Growing Faith at Work
Purpose of work, Work ethics
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Being a Christian at work is an ongoing challenge. It's hard to figure out the right thing to do, navigate sharing your faith, and have good relationships with those around you. On top of all that, it's hard to find time to think things through. Proving Ground by Graham Hooper is a collection of short reflections that can not only help you think through being a Christian in your work, but is short enough to fit into your busy schedule.

"… it is a delight to see … this practical, personal, and passionate book. With short, ‘bite–sized’ chapters, this is the perfect read for the busy worker". Andrew Laird, Life@Work National Manager, City Bible Forum

"Graham brings together a thoughtful Christian perspective and a knowledgeable business perspective to important issues of faith and work." Jenny George, CEO, Converge International

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