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The scandal of Easter

Why Jesus' scandalous claim gives us hope

The scandal of Easter

Thu Apr 11th, 2019
Why Jesus' scandalous claim gives us hope
Jesus' teaching, Jesus' death
scandal, Heaven, injustice
Bible reference(s): Luke 23:32-43

Easter is one of those things in life that we say "yes" to without thinking about it too much. Chocolate, hot cross buns, holidays. Even the religious side of Easter sounds good: forgiveness of sins, eternal life etc.

But there's a darker side to Easter. There's a scandal to Easter which you may not have considered.

In fact there are 3 scandals relating to Easter which centre around the conversation that Jesus has with the two criminals who were executed side by side with him.

In this 25 minute talk, Sam Chan explains what these scandals are and how, the third scandal in particular, gives us great hope.

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