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The scandal of Easter

Anyone can be forgiven

The scandal of Easter

Wed Apr 17th, 2019
Anyone can be forgiven
Jesus' teaching, Jesus' death
scandal, Forgiveness, justice, Heaven
Bible reference(s): Luke 23:32-43

Easter is one of those things in life that we say "yes" to without thinking about it too much. Chocolate, hot cross buns, holidays.

But there's a more serious side to Easter.

Jesus was crucified with two criminals who admit themselves that they deserve the horrible death of crucifixion.

They are guilty of terrible crimes, they don't have time to be baptised or do religious works to somehow make up for their sins, yet Jesus promises one of the criminals "today you will be with me in paradise." How is this possible?

In this 25 minute talk, Al Stewart explains how this is possible and by extension how it's possible for us to forgiven our sins and guaranteed a place in paradise (heaven).

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