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Sharing Jesus at Work

Relational Evangelism through Coffee Dinner Gospel
Tue 1 Jan 2019

Have you noticed that people like to compartmentalise their lives? We talk about work/life balances, but we don’t stop living when we work (however we might feel on Monday morning). What’s going on?

Our society is structured against going deeper and asking the deeper questions – to do so requires relational engagement or coffee, dinner, gospel.

This booklet outlines a series of action steps to build deep relationships and share the hope that we have in Christ with our colleagues:

  1. "Owning" Jesus
  2. Rare love in the workplace
  3. Questions that explore people's worldviews
  4. Sharing God's worldview and the difference it makes
  5. Sharing God's worldview even when it's hard
  6. Meeting Jesus in the pages of the Bible
  7. We're making disciples not converts
  8. When an adult becomes a Christian