How does my faith intersect with my work? Does being a Christian make any difference to my work? Does my daily labour even matter to God?

These are some of the questions we might sometimes ask ourselves about our work. Work fills our waking hours, it dominates so much of our thinking...and yet very often we're not sure how our Christian faith should impact the nitty gritty of our daily work life.

At Life @ Work we want to help you think through these questions. Your work does matter to God, and He has plenty to say about it. He has given you gifts and talents and abilities and opportunities to use for His glory. Join us as we combine Biblical teaching with practical everyday advice in order to think through the significance of your work in God's plans and purposes. And discover how God's purposes for work make so much sense, and open up the way for you to live life that is truly life at work.

"I have come that they might have life and have it to the full" - Jesus (John 10:10)

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