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When Miracles happen at Logos Live

We talked about miracles but we didn't know one was about to happen
Fri 12 Aug 2016



The latest Logos Live podcast featured the story of Linda Bailey and a discussion on miracles. Linda helps make miracles happen for CBM as she coordinates Miracles Day - providing the "miracle" gift of sight for the poorest in the world. We reflected on Jesus a great miracle worker - one who could heal a blind man simply by touching his eyes (the healing power of Jesus would also mean an instant job with CBM if he were walking the earth today!).

Yet the most painful and personal aspect of our discussion was the lack of one particular ‘miracle’ in her life. Whilst Linda helps makes “miracles” happen through CBM and she trusts in Jesus - the great miracle worker, Linda and her husband, Cam, have been trying to have children for some 12 years without success. In 12 years they had been unable to conceive. This was a difficult journey for them both.

Is God still good even when there is no miracle?

Linda demonstrated clear trust in God and his goodness, even though he hadn’t granted her the ‘miracle’ of a child. She didn’t hang her assessment of the goodness of God on this one thing,

“There is so much more to God than an unanswered prayer…his love, his grace, that feeling I get when I’m absolutely exhausted and he gives me more energy than what is naturally possible, when there are troubles, it’s God giving me a grace that is beyond my capability”

She also trusted in the unswerving ability of God to answer her prayer.

"Who's not to say that a God who made miracles happen 2000 years ago can't do the same today"

Given God is able to provide a miracle and he is good - why hasn’t he granted Linda and Cam the for the miracle of a child?

Here we begin to peer into the Problem of evil and suffering in the world and there are no simple answers. We don’t know always know why God allows suffering and pain in the world. Yet Linda and Cam had accepted this as part of their faith journey as a childless couple.

A twist in the tale

Yet there is a real twist to this story.

Very recently as I was editing and preparing Linda’s episode of Logos Live for broadcast and podcast, Linda posted the following update on Facebook:

Linda was pregnant!!

The timing of her pregnancy was quite stunning. As I was editing and reflecting on Linda’s story of miracles, and the lack of miracle in her life, suddenly the story was quite different - she had been granted the “miracle” of a child.

We are so delighted for Linda and for her to share of her trust amidst adversity and pain and that she could share this story with Logos Live.

Coincidences happen, but so do miracles!

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