Debate: Is God really there? (Q&A) | City Bible Forum

Debate: Is God really there? (Q&A)

Debate: Is God really there? (Q&A)

Fri Nov 13th, 2015
Is God really there? An atheist and Christian debate this age-old question
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Part 2 of a debate between Robert Martin (Melbourne director of City Bible Forum: and atheist Raphael Lataster (Studies of Religion lecturer at Sydney University: This section has the Q&A sessions and both closing statements. As the audio is at times slightly difficult to hear, the question is repeated on the screen. All attempts have been made to accurately record the question. There was one question when the question was difficult to hear. There is a missed word on the question at 41:05 which should read 'Is there any documented, real evidence that Jesus exists outside of the Bible?' There is a certain irony that the question was about the existence of Jesus - and the caption did not contain Jesus! I hope you can forgive the editing oversight.

The opening statements and responses can be found here:

The moderator was Steve Marton (President of Sydney Atheists).

The debate was held on 13th November 2015 at Club Redfern and hosted by Sydney Atheists (

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