Ep 57: the attraction conversion hypothesis

Is the Bible brimming with lies? We test an implicit prediction that the Bible makes
Gillian Asquith
Rob Buckingham
John Hudson
Mike Bird
Tracy Trinita
Bible reference(s): 
1 Peter 2:11-12
Sun Feb 5th, 2017
Life stories

Is the Bible brimming with lies?

The Bible makes an implicit prediction that unbelievers will be attracted to the Christian faith and will be converted because they see the difference the Christian message makes in the lives of believers they know and meet.

This could be termed the 'attraction conversion hypothesis'.

In this episode we test this prediction by hearing the stories of five people who didn't grow up in the Christian faith. What happened? Tune in and listen.

We hear the stories of Gillian Asquith, Rob Buckingham, John Hudson, Mike Bird and Tracy Trinita.

This episode of Bigger Questions was recorded under the show's previous title 'Logos Live'.