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Melbourne staff

Robert Martin

Robert is the Melbourne Director and regular host of Bigger Questions.

Contact Robert about activities for exploring Christianity and organisation partnership opportunities in Melbourne.

Andrew Laird

Andrew has a background in radio journalism, holding degrees in media and theology. He is the Dean of the Marketplace Institute at Ridley College.

He oversees City Bible Forum's 'Life@Work' programs, designed to connect Christians within the workplace.

Sharon Cheung

Sharon is a ministry apprentice at City Bible Forum. Her passions include helping young workers navigate the early years of their work life, connecting with women in the workplace and making social media memes for (of) the team.

Stephanie Gear

Steph is in the City Bible Forum Melbourne office part time, doing admin and facilitating events.

After 15 years in hospitality, a desk job in the city was an exciting change!

David Chan

David coordinates workplace prayer across Melbourne.

He holds degrees in theology and technology and continues working part time as organisational and technology consultant.