Perth staff | City Bible Forum
Paul Whitfield

Paul Whitfield

Paul is the Perth Director.

Paul helps CBD workers investigate the meaning of life. Paul became a Christian whilst at university where he studied Psychology before working in Human Resources. He left behind the glamour of the Bureau of Statistics to study theology and now works for City Bible Forum full time.

Contact Paul with your questions if you are exploring Christianity, or would like to connect with Christians in Perth.

Paul is also your contact for Perth partnership opportunities.

Léni-Jo McMillan

Léni is the Women's Programme Coordinator and Trainer in Perth.

Léni enjoys meeting with women to discuss the Bible and the bigger questions of life with people of any faith or no faith. Léni is also passionate to help people connect their faith and work life.

Contact Léni about activities for women, prayer teams and opportunities for training.

Marsha Dale

Marsha is a Womens Ministry Assistant in Perth.

Marsha is passionate about reading the Bible with and supporting women in the city in their walk with God and in their desire to make Christ known to their work colleagues.

Contact Marsha about opportunities to explore God in his word.

Paul Young

Paul is a Ministry Assistant in Perth.

Paul is keen to meet up with Christians to support them in living for Jesus in the workplaces. Paul is interested in exploring questions of faith with people from all backgrounds working in the CBD.

Contact Paul to catch up for a coffee and chat.