Welcoming a new staff member - Grace Huang | City Bible Forum

Welcoming a new staff member - Grace Huang

A short interview with the newest face on the team
Mon 17 Feb 2020

Grace Huang started with City Bible Forum in January. Having trained as an apprentice at City Bible Forum, Grace completed a Bachelor of Theology at Moore College and is now back (again) mixing it with young workers as our new Young Workers Program Co-ordinator. Here is a quick interview Sydney's City Leader, Mark, had with her:

1. So Grace, not many people will know this, but you are a master at Wingchun. Will you be using it in the City Bible Office as a negotiating tactic?

If I did, you wouldn’t know what hit you! (Ouch!) But I’m definitely a long way from master. I have been enjoying this martial art and self-defence training for the past 5 years and became an Instructor last year.

Actually, it’s interesting you mention Wingchun as I’ve been pondering some interesting illustrations that might be helpful in communicating the good news of Jesus. If you’re curious, we can chat more later. Perhaps you’d even like to help me with a demonstration? (Cue chirping crickets)

2. Errr.. OK. Let me think about it... but tell us, what did you do before you started at City Bible Forum?

I worked as a paralegal after finishing my law degree, and went part-time to do a traineeship with City Bible Forum. Although I really enjoyed the legal work I was doing, I was also very keen to think about how to share this incredible life-changing message with busy city workers.

At the end of my traineeship, I was at a crossroads again, because I received the opportunity to work as a lawyer full-time for about a month, whilst also considering if I should get some theological education to study the Bible a bit more thoroughly. I discovered I really enjoyed working as a lawyer in the particular area I was in, and would have loved to pursue that further. But at the same time so many people around me were asking questions about life - struggles, dissatisfaction, relationships, stress, meaning and more. So I decided I wanted to be ready, willing and able to come alongside them and explore life’s big questions with them, so that they too might discover how Jesus changes everything.

3. Now that you’ve started, what are you looking forward to as Coordinator of the Young Workers Program network?

I’m really looking forward to come alongside young workers as they explore life’s big questions and the significance of the Bible’s amazing message. It’s very exciting to see young workers who already follow Jesus have such a big heart for their friends and colleagues to encounter Jesus as well, so I’m thrilled to be available to support them.

Here is a photo of some of the young workers Grace is talking about at our Welcome to the Jungle event in February that she organised. 91 workers packed into the City Bible Forum office! To find out more about the Young Workers Network called Headstart, click here