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God not Superstition

Superstitious Mumbo-Jumbo?

God not Superstition

Thu 7 May 2020
Superstitious Mumbo-Jumbo?
Ten commandments, Law, Sermon on the Mount
Bible reference(s): Exodus 20:4-7

In the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea, there is a saying that no one dies a natural death. A fairly recent media report noted that: ‘The belief in sanguma, a catch-all local word that describes a method of causing harm to someone without laying hands on the person, has been around for centuries as a customary belief in this Pacific island nation...But in many areas of the country, accusations of using black magic are intensifying’. What is the relationship between religion and superstition? Isn’t formal religion just dressed-up superstition? Join us at City Legal as Dr Peter Jensen tackles the Second Commandment.

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