Sydney staff | City Bible Forum

Sydney staff

Peter Kaldor

Peter is the national Managing Director of City Bible Forum.

Contact Peter about executive queries and organisational partnership opportunities.

Peter is also a contact for CBF Legal, Bridge Street Fellowship and City East Fellowship.

Craig Josling

Craig founded City Bible Forum (previously Ecom) in 1991.

Contact Craig about starting or getting support for your workplace group.

Al Stewart

Al is the Sydney Director of City Bible Forum.

Al is a regular speaker at The Forum in Sydney and nationally.

Contact Al for Sydney activities and the Sunday gathering - City East Fellowship.

David Jacobs

David is the Business Manager for the national team, and is involved in producing the Sydney Prayer Breakfast.

Mark Leong

Mark is the Young Workers Program Manager

Contact Mark about Young Workers activities, including events for recent graduates to those who have been working for 5 years.

Russ Matthews

Russ oversees The Edge, Reel Dialogue and works with In-House groups in Sydney. Contact him in regards to these events.

He also writes film reviews from a biblical perspective on Reel Dialogue

Lachlan Orr

Lachlan oversees the Bible Shots ministry

Kim Riley

Kim is the Parramatta Program Coordinator.

Contact Kim to discuss opportunities to explore Christianity and connect with other Christians in the Parramatta business district.

Caroline Spencer

Caroline is the Women's Program Manager and Trainer.

Contact Caroline about citywoman, the Lydia Group and other opportunities for women in Sydney.

Ken West

Ken is the national Digital Manager and directs Word on the Street in Sydney.

Contact Ken about our website, social media platforms and equipping opportunities for Christian workers.