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Time will tell, time will tell

The transition from innocence to the realities of life while not losing sight of your dreams and aspirations is a difficult journey. Tumultuous pasts, wild dreams, self discovery, and uncertain futures are all a part of this rite of passage of growing up. Each person’s story will vary based on circumstances, family, the era that it occurs in and much more. This collection uses various film reviews and articles to explore the manner in which people journey from innocence to maturity.


Russ Matthews | 13 May 2020
Looking at the archetypes of film in comparison to Jesus and men
Angela Cook | 13 Oct 2019
In world that loves being happy - why do I feel depressed?
Simon Camilleri | 23 Dec 2018
And find himself on his own spiritual and philosophical journey, full of humour, self-reflection, wonder, and redemption.
Colleen Hirst | 19 Jun 2012
Advice for those with children of any age from Clinical Psychologist and family therapist, Colleen Hirst


Russ Matthews | 1 Aug 2022
Painful lesson in the world of influencers
Russ Matthews | 29 Jul 2022
A whole lot of teenaged angst
Cliff Philipiah, Russ Matthews | 23 Jun 2022
Did you know what you wanted at 11 3/4 years of age?
Russ Matthews | 11 Jun 2022
Reel Dialogue - Short take review
Russ Matthews | 28 Mar 2022
A film that is quietly making some noise
Russ Matthews | 12 Mar 2022
A funny, time-travel family film that addresses grief