The Life@Work Conference podcast | City Bible Forum
Real workers. Wrestling with real workplace issues.

The Life@Work Conference podcast is where real workers wrestle with real workplace issues. In it we relive conference highlights, consider timeless issues Christians wrestle with in the workplace, and hear interviews with workers just like you. Hosted by Life@Work National Manager Andrew Laird. Find us on Spotify, Apple podcasts, YouTube or RSS.



Andrew Laird, Farrah Allen | 18 Mar 2024
Getting the perfect shot to capture that special moment before it passes.
Andrew Laird, Chee Seng Fah | 11 Mar 2024
Deepening this connection between work and church.
Andrew Laird, Joanna Meyer | 4 Mar 2024
Unique issues facing Christian women at work
Andrew Laird, Tony Rinaudo | 26 Feb 2024
What do you want to do when you grow up?
Andrew Laird, James Veltmeyer | 19 Feb 2024
Revealing the different ways we can serve God and love others across a range of workplaces
Andrew Laird, Amy Imms | 12 Feb 2024
Is burnout inevitable?
Andrew Laird, Joel Francis | 6 Feb 2024
The Barefoot Disciple - a radical reshaping of what we do with the fruit of work.
Amy Brown, Andrew Laird | 29 Jan 2024
How to navigate being a christian in the workplace
Andrew Laird | 7 Dec 2023
Cath Read, Carney Elias | 6 Feb 2023
How to navigate the ethical challenges of daily work
Louise Gosbell | 9 Jan 2023
How Christians can lead the way in advocating for the inclusion of those with disabilities in their workplace
Catherine de Fontenay, Amy Isham | 28 Nov 2022
Two academics reflect on the burden of imposter syndrome and how the Christian faith helps us overcome it.