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Real workers. Wrestling with real workplace issues.

The Life@Work Conference podcast is where real workers wrestle with real workplace issues. In it we relive conference highlights, consider timeless issues Christians wrestle with in the workplace, and hear interviews with workers just like you. Hosted by Life@Work National Manager Andrew Laird. Find us on Spotify, Apple podcasts, YouTube or RSS.


Cath Read, Carney Elias | 6 Feb 2023
How to navigate the ethical challenges of daily work
Mark Bilton | 23 Jan 2023
One man’s story of how God has been and continues to be at work in his daily work
Louise Gosbell | 9 Jan 2023
How Christians can lead the way in advocating for the inclusion of those with disabilities in their workplace
Catherine de Fontenay, Amy Isham | 28 Nov 2022
Two academics reflect on the burden of imposter syndrome and how the Christian faith helps us overcome it.
Sharon Cooper, Greg Clarke | 14 Nov 2022
Dr Greg Clarke and Sharon Cheung explore the powerful impact Christians can having working in the arts
Graham Hooper, Andrew Laird | 31 Oct 2022
Author Graham Hooper explores how God uses our daily work to make us more like Jesus
Stephen McAlpine, Andrew Laird | 17 Oct 2022
How to navigate today’s workplace when there is both hostility, and openness, to the Christian faith
Ashley Fell, Andrew Laird | 3 Oct 2022
McCrindle’s Ashley Fell explores the way the working world has changed in the wake of the pandemic, and how our faith helps us n
Andrew Laird | 21 Sep 2022
The Life@Work Conference podcast is coming back very soon for a brand new season!
Jenny George, Rick Starkey, Andrew Laird | 15 Feb 2022
The important role you can play in workplace conversations around mental wellbeing.
Kara Martin | 1 Feb 2022
What we can learn from the early church to help us connect Sunday to Monday
Ian Harper, Ray Ternes, Andrew Laird | 18 Jan 2022
How “love your neighbour” applies to daily work, featuring an economist and a barrister