Under pressure | City Bible Forum

Under pressure

Faith, personal values and the workplace
Thu 14 Mar, 7.30am-9am
Amy Brown
Michelle Lim
Victoria Brigden
Sydney City Bible Forum Office
Leven 3, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney
Attend in person with breakfast & coffee

At times our Biblically shaped and informed personal values come under pressure in the workplace. Amy Brown, Michelle Lim and Victoria Brigden will share from first hand experience what they learned and how they grew as they sought to live and love like Jesus.

“We often work and lead ‘in the grey zone’. Where we are not asked to defy our personal values, but it’s not an easy fit either…we’re somewhere in the subjective and undefined in-between. Apply pressure and it can be challenging to navigate. These are the moments God can use to shape us to be more like Jesus.” - Amy Brown

“It’s challenging to live out our personal values as a Christian in the workplace: we can often feel like we are “sailing close to the wind”. But what a wonderful opportunity to live out our faith and make a difference.” - Michelle Lim

“In the busyness of our daily lives, we may not give our personal values much thought until they are challenged in some way. It’s helpful to identify our values and how our faith impacts them and our response under challenge.” - Victoria Brigden

This is an event for Christian women in Sydney hosted by City Bible Forum.

Please contact Jessica Ko for further information.