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3 shocking facts about Christmas

Sam Chan
11 Dec 2018
The third one will shock you (yes - shameless clickbait!)

Ep 117: Isn't the Bible full of contradictions? | Gillian Asquith

Bigger Questions
Gillian Asquith
9 Dec 2018
What are we to make of the differences between the accounts of the Christmas story of Jesus? We ask Gillian Asquith some really hard questions about the Bible and her answers may surprise you.

3 shocking facts about Christmas they don’t want you to know

City Legal
Sam Chan
6 Dec 2018
We all know the Christmas story. Baby Jesus in a manger. With cows, donkeys, and sheep. We’ve heard it a bazillion times already.

Christmas what if it really happened

Bible Shots
Al Stewart
6 Dec 2018
The Christmas story told by the Bible sounds unbelievable, but what if it really happened?

Plan your Christmas stopping

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
30 Nov 2018
Is looking forward to stopping at Christmas a sign that something is wrong?

Ep 115: How is the church better and worse than you imagined? | John Dickson & Simon Smart

Bigger Questions
John Dickson, Simon Smart
18 Nov 2018
The history and failings of the church offers plenty of ammunition to its critics. Yet amidst the worst of the church's actions, it also offers a beautiful tune of goodness and hope that brings transformation. An honest conversation confronting the big questions raised by the history of the church.

Is Jesus relevant today? | Luke Nelson

Bigger Questions
Luke Nelson
4 Nov 2018
How can a person who lived two thousand years on the other side of the world, be at all relevant in modern Melbourne?

How can I believe when the church does wrong? | Guy Mason

Bigger Questions
Guy Mason
28 Oct 2018
Many people struggle to believe because of the failings and hypocrisy of the church. Church pastor Guy Mason shares his own story and experiences of church hypocrisy but also offers something more. An honest and engaging conversation.

Is there an answer to death? | Robert Martin

Bigger Questions
Robert Martin
14 Oct 2018
Is death the end? A moving and personal conversation about one of life's biggest questions where Rob Martin shares about an encounter at a graveside.

Chasing Life...Finding Life

City Bible Forum
11 Oct 2018
A (very short) series from Matthew's biography of Jesus