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Ep 111: Dystopia - what are you afraid of?

Bigger Questions
Shane Rogerson, Stephanie Gear
23 Sep 2018
Why is fear so powerful?

Ep 110: Superheroes - do we need another one? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
16 Sep 2018
Haven't we had enough of them? Why are they so popular?

Ep 109: Comedy - should I laugh or should I cry? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
9 Sep 2018
What makes something funny? The line between comedy and tragedy can be very fine.

Ep 108: Trashy TV - why can't we turn away? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
2 Sep 2018
Why is reality TV so addictive and compelling?

Do religion and football mix? | John Boyers

Bigger Questions
John Boyers
24 Jun 2018
Football is like a religion to many, so is there a space for faith? How do chaplains help sports clubs?

Does God laugh?

Bigger Questions
Howard Langmead, Shelia Allen
15 Apr 2018
A hilarious exploration of comedy, God and how laughing is good for you.

Does God have a sense of humour?

Bigger Questions
Howard Langmead, Cam Semmens
8 Apr 2018
A hilarious exploration of some big questions of God, comedy, and the meaning of life.

Christmas: fact or fiction?

Bigger Questions
Mikey Bayliss
17 Dec 2017
Is the Christmas story fact or fiction? This episode features possibly the greatest Christmas Kung-Fu story ever told.

Christians and comedy

City Legal
Michael Jensen
2 Nov 2017
What's so funny?

Truth, beauty and goodness

Smith Lecture
Kate Harrison Brennan
26 Oct 2017
But does beauty still transcend?