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Ep 119: Is Jesus for Asia? | KK Yeo

Bigger Questions
KK Yeo
3 Feb 2019
Differences between East and West, cultural diversity and some bigger questions.

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Bigger Questions
KK Yeo
30 Jan 2019
What would happen if Chairman Mao met the Apostle Paul?

Why am I not an atheist? | David Robertson

Bigger Questions
David Robertson
13 Jan 2019
Who made God? Will atheism bring freedom? What about pain and suffering?

Faith and the seduction of success

Bible Shots
Al Stewart
18 Oct 2018
Can faith make a difference in the real world?

What’s a good Jewish boy doing in a place like this?

City Legal
Joseph Steinberg
24 May 2018
One man's journey from Judaism to Jesus

A Fortunate Universe

Luke Barnes
10 May 2018

Ep 99: Why should atheists read the Bible?

Bigger Questions
Alex McCullie
6 May 2018
Hear from an atheist of why atheists should read the Bible.


Bible Shots
Al Stewart
15 Feb 2018
Why follow Jesus when the world has moved on?

How to survive the daily grind

Sam Chan
24 Nov 2017
What if the daily grind is actually a good thing?

Ep 89: What is the key to life?

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
5 Nov 2017
An entertaining conversation sure to make you to think and help you discover the true meaning to life. We ask the brilliant Dr. Sam Chan (medical doctor and Christian communicator) some Bigger Questions.