Lifestyle and well-being

The Difference Hope Makes

Glenn Hohnberg
21 Nov 2017
Hope can change the future, and it can change our experience of now. What is the difference hope makes?

How to manage disruption

City Legal
Sam Chan
16 Nov 2017
How can we thrive in the face of radical and unpredictable change?

Ep 89: What is the key to life?

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
5 Nov 2017
An entertaining conversation sure to make you to think and help you discover the true meaning to life. We ask the brilliant Dr. Sam Chan (medical doctor and Christian communicator) some Bigger Questions.

Truth, beauty and goodness

Smith Lecture
Kate Harrison Brennan
26 Oct 2017
But does beauty still transcend?

The God who meets our needs

Bible Shots
Sam Chan
13 Sep 2017
How does God meet our felt needs in Jesus?

Ep 81: Isn't God angry and judgemental?

Bigger Questions
Shane Rogerson
10 Sep 2017
What makes us angry? Why does God get angry? Should God get angry? We ask Shane Rogerson some Bigger Questions

Three myths about being a Christian

Bible Shots
Sam Chan
7 Sep 2017
Don't believe myths about what it means to be a Christian, listen to what the Bible says

How can we get a good night's sleep? + special announcement

Bigger Questions
Andrew Laird
3 Sep 2017
How can we get a good night's sleep?

Three ways to find joy

Bible Shots
Sam Chan
31 Aug 2017
Sam Chan discusses 3 alternatives proposed in Paul's letter to the Philippians

Our citizenship is in heaven

Women, coffee & croissants
Gemma Cardew
23 Aug 2017
Gemma speaks on the difference it makes knowing our citizenship is in heaven and highlights the danger of putting our confidence anywhere but Jesus