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Ep 115: How is the church better and worse than you imagined? | John Dickson & Simon Smart

Bigger Questions
John Dickson, Simon Smart
18 Nov 2018
The history and failings of the church offers plenty of ammunition to its critics. Yet amidst the worst of the church's actions, it also offers a beautiful tune of goodness and hope that brings transformation. An honest conversation confronting the big questions raised by the history of the church.

Is Jesus relevant today? | Luke Nelson

Bigger Questions
Luke Nelson
4 Nov 2018
How can a person who lived two thousand years on the other side of the world, be at all relevant in modern Melbourne?

How can I believe when the church does wrong? | Guy Mason

Bigger Questions
Guy Mason
28 Oct 2018
Many people struggle to believe because of the failings and hypocrisy of the church. Church pastor Guy Mason shares his own story and experiences of church hypocrisy but also offers something more. An honest and engaging conversation.

Did you know that Jesus was more tolerant than you or I?

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
27 Sep 2018
Tolerance is good, but can we do better?

Did you know that Jesus loathed religious haters and fakers?

Bible Shots
Sam Chan
20 Sep 2018
Can religion be authentic?

Did you know that Jesus was friends with the seedy and corrupt?

Bible Shots
Sam Chan
13 Sep 2018
Did he approve bad behaviour? Or was there more to it?

Did you know Jesus was accused of partying too hard?

Bible Shots
Sam Chan
6 Sep 2018
The Jesus you never knew

Ep 108: Trashy TV - why can't we turn away? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
2 Sep 2018
Why is reality TV so addictive? Sam Chan playfully explores what makes reality TV so compelling and introduces an even bigger drama.

Jesus is more tolerant than you would believe

Sam Chan
30 Aug 2018
Sam Chan's talk from our breakfast forum 30 August 2018

Ep 107: Will going blind mean missing out in life? | Aaron Boyd

Bigger Questions
Aaron Boyd
26 Aug 2018
Aaron has a medical condition with no cure or treatment which causes blindness. He shares the frustrations of a deteriorating eyesight and the surprising ways in which his physical blindness helps him see a lot more.