Philosophy of science

Ep 60: Is it logical to believe in God?

Bigger Questions
Greg Restall
Apr 2nd, 2017
Atheist Ricky Gervais says that the 'very definition' of God is a logical impossibility in this universe. Is he right? Logician Prof. Greg Restall discusses.

Ep 45: Can we live by science alone? A word for Richard Dawkins

Bigger Questions
Chris Mulherin
Jun 26th, 2016
What would Rev. Dr. Chris Mulherin say if he had a private word with Richard Dawkins? Is science the only game in town when it comes to facts?

What does science say about the purpose of humanity?

The Forum in Sydney
Lewis Jones, Caroline Foster, Peter Schofield, Peter Slezak, Frank Stootman, Byron Smith, Jan Fullerton
Aug 21st, 2014
Scientists exploring what contribution their fields can make in discovering purpose for mankind

Life, the Universe and Nothing: Is it reasonable to believe there is a God?

Lawrence Krauss, William Lane Craig
Aug 16th, 2013
Video of a discussion between Prof Lawrence Krauss and Dr William Lane Craig

God's undertaker

Smith Lecture
John Lennox
Aug 21st, 2008
Has science buried God?