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Ep 66: How should we respond to Islamic Extremism?

Bigger Questions
Bernie Power
21 May 2017
What is the link between Islam, violence and terrorism? We asked Bernie Power some Bigger Questions

Ep 62: Do you feel good enough?

Bigger Questions
Nadia, Alan Lucas
16 Apr 2017
Have you ever felt that no matter what you did you were never good enough?

How should Christians and Muslims engage their adversaries?

The Forum in Sydney
Ian Powell
1 Nov 2012
Christianity and Islam

Can both Christianity and Islam lead to God?

The Forum in Sydney
Ian Powell
25 Oct 2012
Christianity and Islam are two of the world's most influential belief systems

How similar are Jesus and Mohammed?

The Forum in Sydney
Ian Powell
18 Oct 2012
Christianity and Islam: A study in opposites?

Is there scope for Sharia law in Australia?

The Forum in Sydney
Diaa Mohamed, Kuranda Seyit, Mermet Ozalp, Sam Green
10 Oct 2012
Are there limits to religious freedom in a secular system? How do we resolve differences between religious and state laws?

Islam and peace?

The Forum in Sydney
Ian Powell
5 Sep 2012
Questions you can't ask in public

A new hope

Paul Whitfield
14 Jun 2012
God's solution to the world's biggest problems started out rather small