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Faith and the seduction of success

Bible Shots
Al Stewart
18 Oct 2018
Can faith make a difference in the real world?

A Fortunate Universe

Luke Barnes
10 May 2018

How to survive the daily grind

Sam Chan
24 Nov 2017
What if the daily grind is actually a good thing?

Ep 89: What is the key to life?

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
5 Nov 2017
An entertaining conversation sure to make you to think and help you discover the true meaning to life. We ask the brilliant Dr. Sam Chan (medical doctor and Christian communicator) some Bigger Questions.

How to survive the daily grind

Sam Chan
16 Aug 2017
What if the daily grind is actually a good thing?

Chasing life: Chasing eternity

City Forums
Scott Pasley
8 Aug 2017
Success in life is largely about timing.

Chasing life: Pursuing pleasure

City Forums
Glenn Hohnberg
25 Jul 2017
Conventional wisdom says life is about minimising pain and maximising pleasure - but what if pleasure lets us down?

Chasing life: Searching for meaning

City Forums
Scott Pasley
18 Jul 2017
Where do we find meaning in life? Will I have significance?

Our most dangerous enemy?

City Legal
Ian Powell
Oct 30th, 2014
A strong command on a love that must be avoided. If chosen it will replace love for God.

Australia: the happiest place on earth?

The Forum in Sydney
Ross Gittins, Mark McCrindle, Thubten Chokyi
31 Jul 2013
How should we define happiness? Are we happy? What leads to lasting happiness?