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Life stories

Ep 15: Unbelievable?

Bigger Questions
Justin Brierley
17 May 2015
Would evidence alone convince you of the Christian message?

The cheerful Jesus virus

City Legal
Ian Powell
26 Mar 2015
How does the good news of Jesus spread?

Ep 2: Are the Gospels historical?

Bigger Questions
Mike Bird
15 Feb 2015
Myth or Truth? Are the Gospels historical?

Ep 1: No pain no gain

Bigger Questions
Sarah Elliott
8 Feb 2015
Logos Live with Australian cricketer Sarah Elliott speaking about 'No Pain No Gain'. Is the pain worth it?

Middle Earth and the Secret of Friendship

Paul Whitfield
16 Oct 2014
Having won 17 Oscars 'The Lord of the Rings' is the most awarded film series of all time

London's calling - what does it take to perform?

The Forum in Sydney
Elka Whalan, Jeremy Rolleston, Nick Farr-Jones, Allison Shreeve
4 Jul 2012
The Forum asks elite athletes what it takes to perform at the highest level

Faith in Leadership - Interview with John and Julia Anderson

John Anderson, Julia Anderson
16 Nov 2011