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God and politics

City Legal
Michael Jensen
23 Aug 2018
A political manifesto for Christians

Ep 106: Do the heavens declare the glory of God?

Bigger Questions
Jennifer Wiseman, Ken Freeman, Luke Barnes
19 Aug 2018
Exactly how big is the universe? Are humans significant? Is there a cosmic designer? A truly stellar line-up tackle some of the biggest questions around. An extended conversation with great humour, great stories and concepts that are out of this world!

Sticks and stones might break my bones

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
17 Aug 2018
But can words hurt me?

Finding Validation

The Edge
Leisa Aitken, Max Jeganathan
17 Aug 2018
Latest videos of The Edge talks and the panel discussion

What does real success look like?

City Legal
Max Jeganathan
16 Aug 2018
How do we understand and pursue real success?

Finding validation: The quest for meaning - false trails and answers

Al Stewart
16 Aug 2018
What do the New Atheists, a Jewish Holocaust survivor and King Solomon tell us about the quest for meaning?

Can we live by science alone?

Bigger Questions
Chris Mulherin
12 Aug 2018
A word for Richard Dawkins

Markets, Materialism and the search for meaning

City Legal
Max Jeganathan
9 Aug 2018
For many, success in life is the acquisition of greater wealth, pleasure and power. Is there a better way?

Are you a well being?

Sam Chan
7 Aug 2018
Sam Chan's tips on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Finding Validation - Did I do alright?

Sam Chan
6 Aug 2018
Parents of grown up children often ask "did I do alright?"