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Outgrowing religion

Smith Lecture
Greg Clarke
26 Oct 2007
Is Christianity an asset or a danger to Australia's future?

The authority of the King

Al Stewart
30 Nov 2006
Al Stewart, 30 November 2006

9/11, Bali, Tsunami ...

Smith Lecture
Don Carson
1 Oct 2006
Where is God in a world of hardship?

The twilight of atheism

Smith Lecture
Alister McGrath
15 Sep 2006
The rise and fall of Disbelief in the modern world

Is it worth believing?

Smith Lecture
Greg Clarke
15 Sep 2005
The Da Vinci Code and real spirituality

Money, power and relationships

Smith Lecture
Michael Schluter
25 Aug 2005
The spiritual renewal of public policy and private life

Designer humans

Smith Lecture
Megan Best
1 Oct 2004
Is any room left for God?

The unknown God

Smith Lecture
John Dickson
1 Oct 2003
Searching for clarity in a world of claims

Our sense of justice

Smith Lecture
Ken Handley
1 Oct 2002
Evolutionary accident or hard-wired?

Is God silent?

Smith Lecture
Peter Jensen
5 Nov 2001
The inaugural Smith Lecture