The church

Ep 77: Is Jesus worth following?

Bigger Questions
Sharon Cheung
6 Aug 2017
Twitter personalities, your dreams, rules: what things are worth following? We ask Sharon Cheung some bigger questions

Suffering Christians

City Legal
Phillip Jensen
3 Aug 2017
How well can our society suffer Christians? How well can Christians suffer?

The one thing you need to know about Jesus

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
2 Aug 2017
Why does it matter?

Chasing life: Working hard

City Forums
Glenn Hohnberg
1 Aug 2017
What is the point of work? Does it define us? Is work good or is it just toil?

Ep 76: How can I believe that there is more than this?

Bigger Questions
James Garth
30 Jul 2017
How can I believe in something I can't see? We ask James Garth some bigger questions

The state of religion in Australia

City Legal
Roy Williams
27 Jul 2017
What does the 2016 census tell us of the relevance of religion in Australia?

Chasing life: Pursuing pleasure

City Forums
Glenn Hohnberg
25 Jul 2017
Conventional wisdom says life is about minimising pain and maximising pleasure - but what if pleasure lets us down?

Ep 75: What does a Jew make of Jesus?

Bigger Questions
Martin Pakula
23 Jul 2017
Martin Pakula grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home and was successful in many ways but was deeply unhappy

Christendom is fading away - so what?

City Legal
Al Stewart
20 Jul 2017
What are the implications of being a post-Christian culture?

Chasing life: Searching for meaning

City Forums
Scott Pasley
18 Jul 2017
Where do we find meaning in life? Will I have significance?