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Bible Shots 1st Quarter 2019

Weekly lunch time Bible talks in Sydney CBD

City Bible Forum is running two short series of Bible talks from February to April 2019

1st Feb 12/13 - Mar 5/6 What would Jesus say to you?

2nd Mar 12/13 - Apr 2/3 TBC

If God had a message for you, what do you think he would say? Well done? Keep going? Lift your game?

The biographies of Jesus record him talking to people from all kinds of situations. From the lonely and excluded to diligent workers and people who look like they have it all, Jesus had something to tell them.

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Start 2019 on a positive note

Sam Chan's top 3 tips for telling your work colleagues about Jesus

It's a new year and a great opportunity for a fresh start!

Join us as we start 2019 on a positive note with an uplifting talk by Sam Chan on his top 3 tips for sharing Jesus in the workplace.

Meet in fellowship with other Christians as we stand together for Jesus in the workplace. You are part of something bigger.

Meetings to be held in the Sydney CBD and North Sydney (details below)

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Headstart 2019

Are you a Christian young worker looking for community? Looking for a forum to prepare you for the workplace?

Are you a Christian young worker who is looking for community during Monday to Friday? Are you searching for a forum to prepare you for the workplace?

Many Christian young workers enter the workplace in search for two things:

1. Christian community. They remember fondly the ease with which they enjoyed Christian community on campus.

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Recalibrate 19

Why I am recalibrating this year

Recalibrate is almost upon us, and so I asked Diana, as someone who recently transitioned to work, "why on earth are you coming to Recalibrate 19?". You can join her by regoing for Recalibrate here.

So Diana, happy new year! Last year was a big year for you. What happened and what do you now do to pay the bills and fund future holidays?

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Beyond friendship and fellowship? - Macquarie Park

Wednesday February 13th, 12.40pm to 1.20pm

Meeting up with other Christians near your workplace can be fun. After all, we share a lot in common – the way we spend our weekends; our struggles with sinful desires; and importantly our unfettered access to present our requests to God.

But things get busy at work. People move. They change jobs. Friendship and fellowship become history.

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Welcome to the Jungle 2019

Entering the workforce in 2019? Let us help you land on your feet

Are you a Christian entering the workforce in 2019?
Nervous, excited, curious? Wondering how you will survive?

Let us help you land on your feet.

Every year, we welcome Christian graduates to the jungle at our special orientation evening: Welcome to the Jungle. It is the one evening when Christian graduates get together under the one roof. Graduates from UNSW, Sydney Uni, UTS, Macquarie, WSU as well as those from interstate get together to:

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Reel Dialogue screening - Storm Boy

A special pre-screening + panel

The evening will include a screening of the latest Australian release from Sony Pictures and then a panel who will hope to unpack the themes presented in the film.

Tickets are only available by signing up for the draw. Only one entry per person.

This is a Sydney only event.

Pass this opportunity on to friends, co-workers and fans of movies

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Reel Dialogue - Storm Boy

Win double passes to the latest Sony release

To celebrate the upcoming Sony Pictures release of Storm Boy on 15 January, Reel Dialogue wants to offer our fans a chance to win 1 of 5 double passes to be utilised in your local theatres.

Available for theatres in certain Australian cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth & Sydney

Tickets are only available by signing up for the draw. Only one entry per person.

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3 shocking facts about Christmas they don’t want you to know

We all know the Christmas story. Baby Jesus in a manger. With cows, donkeys, and sheep. We’ve heard it a bazillion times already. What more is there to be said that hasn’t already been said?

Well … come hear Sam Chan – the Asian-Aussie theologian who thinks he’s a comedian (or is it the other way around?) – tell us 3 shocking facts about Christmas that will shock, inspire, and give your life a boost.

Christmas what if it really happened

The Christmas story told by the Bible sounds unbelievable, but what if it really happened?

Santa, Stockings and Scrooge... they're nice stories that are told at Christmas to remind us of values we think are important however in the end they are completely fictitious. Many would say that the Christmas story, as told by the Bible, is basically the same.

In our final instalment of Bible Shots in 2018 Al Stewart helps us consider the historical evidence to answer the questions:
Did the Christmas story, as told by the Bible, actually happen?
What would it mean if it did?