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Somewhere over the rainbow

3.5 stars

Ministry Centre: Sydney



Can Joaquin Phoenix make this iconic role his own?

4 stars

Ministry Centre: Sydney

Beautifully Broken


Special Reel Dialogue screening

Three families. Two worlds. One incredible true story.

Movies Change People invite you to join us for a special pre-screening of Beautifully Broken hosted Hope 103.2, Reel Dialogue and Compassion Australia on Tuesday 22nd October, 7pm at Event Castle Hill.

Tickets will sell out, so please pre-book in advance to ensure you don't miss out! This is special screening before its general release to the public (24th October).

Date and time: Tuesday 22nd October, 7-9pm

Event Cinemas; Castle Hill

Tickets $12

Ministry Centre: Sydney

Reel Dialogue - Maleficent 2


Be the first to see this film in Australia


To celebrate the upcoming Disney release of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil on 17 October, Reel Dialogue wants to offer our fans a chance to win a double pass to be utilised in your local theatres.

Ministry Centre: Sydney


The agnostic’s faith…

‘if I could prove it, it wouldn’t be faith’. So says agnostic John Humphrys. David Robertson points out that the Christian version of faith is different to this atheist and agnostic version of faith: ‘Biblical faith is, contrary to Dawkins et al, faith that is based on evidence’ Magnificent Obsession: Why Jesus is Great, p.45. But where is the evidence? This time at City Legal as David Robertson brings us face to face with ‘the witnesses’…

How to navigate in a post faith world

How do you navigate the range of situations you can face when you live in a post faith world?

In around 600BC Daniel and his friends found themselves transported from Jerusalem to Babylon.

Despite his competence, or maybe because of it, Daniel found himself the target of hostility to the point of an attempt on his life, yet Daniel successfully navigated this challenge.

In the final talk in this series, Sam Chan considers what excerpts from the book of Daniel have to say about navigating challenges we face in a post-faith world.

How to Survive in a post-faith world

How would you respond if the people, systems and cultures you are among treat you with hostility?

The previous talk in this series started considering Daniel and his friends - who, in around 600BC, suddenly found themselves transported from Jerusalem to Babylon surrounded by an alien culture. While alien, they could work within it but this time their situation has progressed to hostile. What happens when the environment you find yourself in is hostile and there is a cost to holding on to what you believe? In this talk Sam Chan considers some excerpts from the book of Daniel and what they might have to say to us in 21st century Sydney.

Many Convincing Proofs

The Wee Flea Speaks!

“When I came out of hospital after a critical illness from which I was not expected to recover, my surgeon told me that he regarded my recovery as ‘miraculous’”*.

Do miracles occur today? Is God still at work in our modern-day society? Many of us spend our working lives weighing evidence, so join David Robertson examines the evidence in the second part of Luke the Doctor’s two-part account of the early church – Acts of the Apostles.

*David Robertson, Magnificent Obsession: Why Jesus is Great, p.53

Ride Like a Girl review


The Michelle Payne story

The Melbourne Cup has been known in history as being the race that stopped a nation. This horse race has been a mainstay on the Australian calendar since 1861. A day of pageantry, an excuse to wear fancy hats and justification for people to take time off from work to watch horses racing for two-miles around the oval at Flemington is what this event offers. In 2015, Michelle Payne entered the legendary race on Prince of Penzance with the dream of being the first female jockey to win, but at 100 to 1, few thought she could achieve this historic feat.

Ministry Centre: Sydney

Ad Astra review


Are we alone in the universe?

It is difficult to figure out the purposes behind Brad Pitt’s latest excursion into space. The visuals are reminiscent of Interstellar andhaving famed indie director James Gray writing the script and steering the ship has the potential for a modern version of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then for casting to include Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland as veteran astronauts, things turn toward memories of Space Cowboys. All of this being said, it is difficult to discern what this film has to offer, which seems to be director James Gray's point.

Ministry Centre: Sydney