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Do you keep the 2 Commandments?

Al Stewart, 28 Oct 2010

Talk 3 of 7 in a series entitled "What Would it Look Like to Follow Jesus?"

The Ethics of Scripture

David Ould, 21 Oct 2010

A discussion on the topic of Ethics classes in NSW schools

School Ethics - The Discussion

David Ould, Dave Singer, 13 Oct 2010

A discussion about the introduction of Ethics classes in NSW schools, between David Ould and David Singer, with a contribution by Teresa Russell of the St James Ethics Centre during question time.

Can you see the truth?

Al Stewart, 21 Oct 2010

Talk 2 of 7 in a series called "What Would It Look Like To Follow Jesus?"

The future of truth

The paradox of private faith and public reality

They say it doesn’t matter what you believe. Yet we all make our own moral demands on the public square. Why are we still so passionate about truth? And where shall we find it? The consensus is that science gives us ‘tested truth’, but so does history. Do we ever learn any lessons from history, or are the postmodernists correct to say we make up the past for our own purposes anyway? Does the ‘school of Moses and Christ’ make any difference to the way we think today about what is real?

What does Jesus expect of us?

Al Stewart, 14 Oct 2010

Talk 1 of 7 in a series entitled "What Would It Look Like to Follow Jesus?"

What has Jesus ever done for me?

Ian Powell, 16 Sept 2010

Talk 3 of 5 in a series entitled "The Beauty of the True Truth".