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We welcome all Sydney workers to discuss the bigger questions with us regardless of their beliefs

We welcome everyone to discuss the bigger questions with us regardless of their beliefs.

The City Bible Forum was started in Sydney in 1991 and has been running public forums since 2001. Every week, hundreds of people attend our meetings.

We look forward to meeting you personally, meeting you at one of our events, or reading your comments on our podcasts or blog.

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Ministry Centre: Sydney

The global financial crisis

A crisis of credit and faith?

The Global Financial Crisis is in essence a crisis of trust. How can trust be re-built if not on a foundation of faith, credit, and belief?

God's undertaker

Has science buried God?

John holds three doctorates in the fields of science and mathematics (DPhil, PhD, D.Sc) and is Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green College, University of Oxford.

In addition to pure mathematics, his research interests include the interface between science, philosophy and theology. He is the author of numerous books, including God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? (Oxford: Lion, 2007).

Outgrowing religion

Is Christianity an asset or a danger to Australia's future?

Religion is being described these days as not just an opiate for the masses, but a poison for society. Atheist writers such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens urge us to grow up and leave religion behind. But what would be lost if Australia abandoned the Christian ideas that have shaped many of its institutions and some of its values?

The twilight of atheism

The rise and fall of Disbelief in the modern world

Alister McGrath is Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford and an internationally renowned speaker and author.

His book, The Twilight of Atheism explores the history of belief in the modern world and whether the belief that there is no God is in decline.

In this age of science and technology, of great human progress and incredible human suffering, is it becoming harder to be an unbeliever?

Money, power and relationships

The spiritual renewal of public policy and private life

“Living alone is a poor option for people younger than 66 years. It is likely that people with low well-being live alone either because they have recently broken from a relationship or because they cannot find a partner to live with them. The former reason could account for the very low levels of well-being in people aged 36-65 who live alone.”

Australian Centre on Quality of Life
School of Psychology
Deakin University in Melbourne

Designer humans

Is any room left for God?

The lecture, in the Australian Stock Exchange auditorium, was attended by 160 people who heard Dr Best outline the opportunities and challenges that bio-technological advances present to our understanding of what it means to be human. She suggested that the Bible's teaching that we are created by God and find our purpose in him offers a framework for handling future ethical issues.

The unknown God

Searching for clarity in a world of claims

Over 200 people assembled at Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney to hear this Sydney historian and pastor claim that Christianity is unique among world religions in that history could prove it false. For this reason, it is a good starting point for considering religions.

Our sense of justice

Evolutionary accident or hard-wired?

220 people heard Justice Handley at the Le Meridien Hotel in Sydney enquire as to where our almost universal urge for justice comes from and whether God is the best explanation of our sense of justice.

Is God silent?

The inaugural Smith Lecture

The inaugural Smith Lecture was delivered by the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen in the Stranger’s Dining Room, Parliament House, Sydney.

Dr Jensen explored how it is that human beings have access to the divine. His conclusion, that God has revealed himself in Jesus Christ, holds implications for all religions and societies.