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Can you imagine a world where movies are original and joyful?

Artificial Intelligence - How A.I. unlocks the future

Watch the talks from The Edge

Artificial intelligence influences our everyday lives - from easy autotext to creepy tailored ads to complex algorithms that replicate the human brain.

As boundaries blur and new horizons open, A.I.’s existence is exciting, confounding and concerning all at the same time.

Where might A.I. take us and what does it mean for you as an intelligent human being?

Watch as moderator Justine Toh as we take this topic to The EDGE and hear from one expert who works in the world of artificial intelligence and an ethicist who will tackle what it means for you and me.

Get unstuck with the right vision

What does the Bible have to say about the vision you have for your life?

Have you ever felt stuck, like something was stopping you from being what you were made to be? We want to be what we were made to be, but that is not an easily accomplished goal. Could the right vision help us?

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Get a Grip: Who can you trust in a fake news world?

'Trust in the media in Australia is at a record low of just 31% and consumers say they struggle to tell the difference between fake news and facts, according to a global survey of trust and credibility in institutions.' - Amanda Meade, The Guardian

Get a grip: Who can you trust in a fake news world?

Polls: No. News Outlets: No. Facebook Feed: No. You: …. ?

We live in a fake news era: Brexit, US elections, our own election. How could they get it so wrong?

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Men in Black: International


Failing to re-launch this franchise, that is the truth reviews of films in theatres and streaming at Reel Dialogue

'You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good.' - Agent J (Will Smith)

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Reel Dialogue - Toy Story 4 - See a movie on us


The gang is back for a new adventure

To celebrate the upcoming Disney release of Toy Story 4 on 20 June, Reel Dialogue wants to offer our fans a chance to win a double pass to be utilised in your local theatres.

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Confidence in God's purpose

How can we be confident in God’s purposes in any situation? Not just the good times but the bad times as well?

Throughout this series we've been considering the foundations of confidence that followers of Jesus can have, even in the midst of suffering.

This talk is the climax of our series and Kanishka Raffel shows us how we can have confidence in God’s purposes in any situation as we conclude looking at Romans 8.

What’s the point when my calendar’s full but I’m running on empty?

Time Poor?

Simon Sinek said ‘Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion’. While this distinction may sometimes become blurred, Vincent Van Gogh’s assessment of his life’s work is very sobering: ‘I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process’.

Confidence in suffering

Is it possible to have confidence in the midst of suffering?

The previous two talk in this series have considering the foundations for confidence that followers of Jesus have. This talk considers how these foundations allow for confidence to be maintained and even gained in the midst of suffering.

Godzilla II: King of the Monsters


REEL DIALOGUE: Why do we think we can control creation?

Godzilla is looking pretty good for being over 65 years old, since his debut in Ishirō Honda's 1954 film that bore his name. And he has since gone on to be in over 30 films in his illustrious on-screen career. The latest alliteration of the hulking figure is part of the resurgence of the monster universe from Warner Brothers and Legendary Entertainment called the Monsterverse that will include the famous movie monsters throughout history.

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