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Easter makes the world a better place

Consider the heart of the Christian story and how it makes the world a better place

Could Easter really make the world a better place? Everyone views the world through a lens, through the stories they use to make sense of what happens around us and to us. Christians claim to have a better story, a story that that changes how we view the world. It shows us what the world is really like, where we fit in and what it means for living life well. But this story can take time to unpack. It can appear odd, counter intuitive and even offensive. Could Easter really make the world better?

Can love destroy you?

Money Management

What would you do if you lost your job? According to a recent report, ‘a consistent trend towards greater insecurity of work overall is observable’. Dr Peter Jensen considers the story Jesus told of a shrewd manager facing the sack, and the way to be a truly wise money manager.

Can love destroy you?

How could anyone be against love? Did you know Jesus taught that love can destroy you?

How could anyone be against love?Jesus was pro love wasn't he? He told his followers to love one another and he even taught that God is love. In this talk we are looking at one of Jesus parables that causes us to ask: Can love destroy you?



Billy Batson is not quite the diamond in the rough he should be

Over the past decade of superhero films in all their varied success, many critics have attempted to predict the eventual demise of this genre. So does Shazam! prove the naysayers wrong?

Ministry Centre: Sydney

7 seconds and beyond

Latest videos of The Edge talks and the panel discussion

Studies show that first impressions are made within the first few seconds of meeting. In the workplace, everything from your personal appearance, the tone of your voice and even the size of your smile set the stage upon which hunches, gut feelings and opinions arise. Before we’ve had the chance to demonstrate our abilities, the first impression is already cast.

The Government of the Spirit

'Self Government' versus 'Government of the Spirit'

With a State Election just behind us and a Federal Election looming, many are wondering what sort of government we will get. This week at City Legal, former solicitor Kanishka Raffel (Dean of Sydney) considers the intriguing battle between 'self government' and the 'government of the Spirit'.

Artificial Intelligence

How A.I. unlocks the future

30 May, 6:30-7:45pm

Dendy Opera Quays, Sydney

Artificial intelligence influences our everyday lives - from easy autotext to creepy tailored ads to complex algorithms that replicate the human brain.

As boundaries blur and new horizons open, A.I.’s existence is exciting, confounding and concerning all at the same time.

Ministry Centre: Sydney

How far will he go?

Searching for something that is lost, the lengths Jesus will go to to find what is lost and what this means for us today.

How much effort would you spend looking for something that was lost? What lost thing would you continue searching for until it was found?

The value of what is lost will impact the search. Something precious and irreplaceable will be searched for with greater effort and care than something disposable.

In this talk we consider the lengths Jesus will go to and what this means for us today.

What really matters?

What is truly important in life? Friends, family, career or something else? Jesus tells a story about what really matters

What is truly important in life? Friends, family, career or something else?
Whatever your answer, what would you give up in order to have it?
The things you are willing to give up show what you really value.

We are used to stories that highlight the value of friends and family.
When Jesus tells a story about what really matters, he says something different and the answer is shocking.
Join us this week at Bible Shots to hear Jesus' take on what really matters.

What time is it?

Peter Jensen walks us through Jesus' parables to help us see what time Jesus said it was.

What time is it? It's time to go to work. It's time to stop. It's time to eat. Identifying the time is simple but can have important consequences for how we act.

In this talk Peter Jensen takes us through two of Jesus parables show us what Jesus said the time was and what it means for us today.