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Pay your taxes

Bad government is better than no government

We live in an age in which politics has become suddenly alarming and fascinating all at once.

With the election of Trump, the rise of One Nation, and the Brexit referendum in the UK, many people feel a growing sense of uncertainty and alarm. The extremes in politics seem to be becoming more powerful. We’ve lost the ability to disagree with one another; and there’s profound disagreement about the future shape of human societies. Instead of working out compromise, we now simply shout at, ban, boycott, shame, hound, and harass those with whom we disagree.

Headstart: #1 RELEASED

RELEASED: from Cultural Yardstick

Ron is an avid snowboarder and loves everything snow. Fun fact: Ron also loves to act and was cast as Snow Boy in the kids program at Bathurst Summer Mission. This was before he even touched a snowboard - I reckon God knew. Ron is also a regular at Headstart and is often seen rounding up the troops for dinner afterwards.

Night in a tweet:

“You are what you eat - embrace culture, but don’t be absorbed by it. Remember God has RELEASED us from the shackles of impossible cultural and societal expectations through his Son”.

Ministry Centre: 

Effective negotiation: Finding compromise without being compromised

Monday October 15th, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Whether it's in the boardroom or the breakfast table, have you ever felt wedged between two parties? Have you ever wondered how you might negotiate a compromise?

Stephen Lam has negotiated over the breakfast table (with his two daughters) as well as across borders in his time as the Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, none more so than when sovereignty of Hong Kong was handed to China after years of British rule.

How can we negotiate a compromise without compromising ourselves?

Ministry Centre: 

Would you consider setting up an EPT in or near your workplace?

Information night
Thursday November 22nd, 6.00pm to 7.30pm

Would you consider setting up an EPT in or near your workplace?

An EPT*1 is a small group of Christians who meet fortnightly to encourage one-another to be active Christians in their workplaces. The group prays together, learns from each other and works together in sharing Jesus.

Come and see what's involved. How do you gather a group? How do you run the meetings? What are the keys to success? What are the pitfalls?

Ministry Centre: 

Finding hope in a world where God feels absent

What can Esther teach us?
Repeats every week 3 times.
Thursday September 13th, 7.30am to 8.20am
Thursday September 20th, 7.30am to 8.20am
Thursday September 27th, 7.30am to 8.20am

A timeless story of evil, awakened faith and hope for good in a world where God feels absent.

The book of Esther is set in a world far removed from ours, but tells a story that resonates with our everyday.

Michael Kellahan
Executive Director, Freedom for Faith

Ministry Centre: 

Investigating Christianity Studies (ICS)

Get to the heart of the Bible's message in four easy studies
Repeats every week until Tue Nov 27 2018.
Tuesday November 6th, 6.45pm to 8.00pm
Tuesday November 13th, 6.45pm to 8.00pm
Tuesday November 20th, 6.45pm to 8.00pm
Tuesday November 27th, 6.45pm to 8.00pm

Join us over four sessions to investigate Christianity

Get to the heart of the Christian message. Answer four big questions by reading and analysing key Bible passages. Group discussion.

Who is God?
Who is Man?
Who is Jesus?
Right with God?

You're welcome to come and try the first session to see if you like it.


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