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Establishing Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal

How the rule of law was preserved during the Handover in 1997

A key issue during the Handover of Hong Kong to Chinese rule was establishing a Court of Final Appeal.

Prior to the handover, matters were referred to Britain’s Privy Council. But this would be no longer appropriate. In addition, China had a different legal system. How would the rule of law be preserved?

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Faith and the hard lesson of humility

Is there a link between humility and faith?

If you were to ask the person working next to you "What would it take for you to trust God?" What answer would they give? A typical answer might be "I would trust God if he showed me undeniable proof he exists." Another answer might be "I would trust God if he gave me (insert the thing I really want)." Not many, if any, would answer "I would start trusting God if he took away my power, wealth and status." But in this part of Daniel, being humbled by God is exactly what leads to faith in him.

Faith when the heat is on

What does faith look like when the heat is on?

Faith can be costly. The cost can vary depending on which part of the world you're in. Sometimes, the cost may be more of an inconvenience but other times it is deadly. Why are people willing to pay the price of faith? What might it look like for people in our city to live with faith when the heat is on?

Faith on the wrong side of history

We often hear claims that history is heading in a certain direction, but is it? And if so, where is it headed?

"Are you on the wrong side of history?" is a question that asks you to consider where you think the future is headed. It can be a good question to ask because what you believe about the future will affect how you live now. We often hear claims that history is heading in a certain direction, but is it? And if it is, which side will followers of Jesus find themselves on? The right side or the wrong side?

Faith and the seduction of success

Can faith make a difference in the real world?

In our world of powerful companies, governments and media outlets it can seem that these offer the path to success. Faith in God can seem like naïve wishful thinking. What might it look like to trust God when the world seems so big and powerful?

Christmas so what? (Central Station)

Why Jesus came into the world and the difference this makes for you
Thursday November 29th, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

The good things of Christmas come with many layers of wrapping, but the hidden treasure of Christmas is that Jesus Christ has come into the world.

Join us for a 20 minute talk explaining why Jesus came into the world and the difference this makes to you. "If in doubt, come and find out!"

Speaker: Craig Josling

Audience: General
Ministry Centre: Sydney

Reel Dialogue - Robin Hood

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Crossing the Cultural Divide

Latest videos of The Edge talks and the panel discussion

Australia is a multicultural country. Our workplaces are increasingly multicultural. In the supermarkets and boardrooms, we rub shoulders everyday with people originating from all over the world. And yet, while we live in the same city and we work side by side every day, it’s easy to feel disoriented. It’s not hard to feel so far apart.

Questions for an immigrant


A personal story of crossing the cultural divide

It is not hard for me to understand why people do not think of me as an immigrant. This label is usually reserved for the political refugee and those coming to Australia for a better life. I grew up as an American and represent one of the lowest immigrant populations in Australia. Why? The simplest explanation is that Americans generally do not immigrate.

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