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Red Carpet event - Same Kind of Different as Me


Interview with author Ron Hall

Have you ever wanted to be part of a red carpet event? Then to be able to be there in your pyjamas. Now is your opportunity.

In collaboration with The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal - a portion of every premiere pass sold will go directly towards this year's "digital door-knock."

Ministry Centre: Sydney



Hope at Home Film Festival edition

The name Rich Mullins (Michael Koch) may not be familiar to modern, mainstream audiences, but his influence continues to impact the world. He was a groundbreaking musician who used his talent to communicate his Christian faith and wrote some of the greatest songs in contemporary Christian music. Even though his music has brought joy to millions of people around the world, he lived a tormented life. An artist who struggled with his faith, his place in the industry and in this modern world.

Ministry Centre: Sydney

Mr. Jones


A compelling, but tragic part of human history

3 out of 5 stars

Ministry Centre: Sydney

Why is there suffering?

God in the dock

I swore a number of witnesses in whilst working as an Associate in the Supreme Court of NSW. The witnesses were often anxious, agitated and even defensive. But what if we could put God in the dock? What would he say? How would he defend himself? In a fashion, Job, the Old Testament character known for his monumental suffering, does just that. Join us at City Legal as David Robertson considers ‘God in the Dock #1 – Why is there suffering?’.

Unshakeable Foundations

We survived been shaken once but what happens when we are shaken again?

Are you prepared for the second spike?

Even though restrictions are starting to ease, coronavirus has shaken us up and highlighted some of the ‘structural weak points’ in our lives. We are also being warned of the possibility of a second spike. We survived been shaken once but what happens when we are shaken again?

In this talk, Steve Mcalpine will help us consider the importance of building our lives on strong foundations and how to go about it. The second spike may or may not come, but sooner or later we will be shaken again.

Motherless Brooklyn


Can a character with Tourette’s Syndrome carry a film?

3 out of 5 stars

Over the past two decades, Edward Norton (Fight Club) has wanted to bring Jonathan Lethem’s award-winning novel, Motherless Brooklyn, to cinemas. As the writer, director and star of the film, Norton chooses to take the overall concept of Lethem’s book and then makes it his own. He throws the audience into the neo-noir narrative storytelling of the late American 50s that incorporates the style and culture of New York City with a taste of modern sensibilities.

Ministry Centre: Sydney

Same Kind of Different as Me


How a homeless man and his wealthy friend changed the world

4 out of 5 stars

In modern western culture, the people we celebrate the most are those who have all of the outward appearances of success. Wealth and societal influence provide people with a platform to lead, but they can also mask many of the flaws of life. One the other hand, those individuals who may not have these two things can offer something to our community. Same Kind of Different as Me proves that the hero of any tale may not be the most beautiful, most influential, smartest or wealthiest person in the room.

Ministry Centre: Sydney

Take me back to the 80s


Reel Dialogue's best films of 80s

For those who were born after the 1980s, their only perception of that decade are leg-warmers, big hair and fluorescent colours. Even though these things did play a role in that era, there was more to it than Reagan-omics, the Brat Pack and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Ministry Centre: Sydney

God not Magic

Name and its significance

Names are important. ‘Christ College’ Cambridge (commonly known as ‘Jesus College’) was given its name in 1505 by Lady Margaret Beaufort, the mother of Henry VII. Names in Medieval England were considered to be extremely powerful, even magical. Join us at City Legal on Thursday morning as Dr Peter Jensen, in his last talk for the series, considers the Third Commandment to ‘not misuse the name of the LORD your God’.

Building for the future

What do you do if your life is a "Nailed it" moment, disappointing and let down compared to what you had hoped it would be?

Have you ever reached the end of a project, whether at work, around the home, or even a self improvement project and been disappointed? If it's a simple baking project it might lead to an amusing "nailed it" moment.

But what happens when the disappointment is over something more serious? What if our attempts at growth and positive changes turn out to be disappointments? What if the results of God's vision for our lives turns out to be disappointing? Is it worth following?