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What does real success look like?

How do we understand and pursue real success?

So much of what we strive for, think about, aspire to and gauge our success by, is governed by the validation we receive. Whether it’s from our families, our friends, our colleagues or our social, cultural and political tribes, we constantly measure our success by what others define as successful. Why do we do this? How do we do this? What does this tell us about ourselves?

Markets, Materialism and the search for meaning

For many, success in life is the acquisition of greater wealth, pleasure and power. Is there a better way?

For many, success in life is the acquisition of greater wealth, pleasure and power. As Oscar Wilde famously said, "The god of this generation is wealth. To succeed, one must have wealth!" Yet, in spite of this seemingly universal quest for validation through wealth – and it’s apparent success as we grow wealthier than ever before - the markers of human flourishing seem to continue to go backwards. Why?

Crossing the cultural divide

What can we learn from each another

Australia is a multicultural country. Our workplaces are increasingly multicultural. In the supermarkets and boardrooms, we rub shoulders everyday with people originating from all over the world. And yet, while we live in the same city and we work side by side every day, it’s easy to feel disoriented. It’s not hard to feel so far apart.

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God and politics

Shouldn’t people keep their religious views private and personal?
Repeats every week 3 times.
Thursday August 23rd, 7.30am to 8.20am
Thursday August 30th, 7.30am to 8.20am
Thursday September 6th, 7.30am to 8.20am

Join us as Michael Jensen speaks over 3 weeks on the topic of God and politics.

We live in an age in which politics has become suddenly alarming and fascinating all at once.

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Finding validation: The quest for meaning - false trails and answers

What do the New Atheists, a Jewish Holocaust survivor and King Solomon tell us about the quest for meaning?

What do the New Atheists, a Jewish Holocaust survivor and King Solomon tell us about the quest for meaning?

Al Stewart examines three different 'world views' and thinks about the implications they have for how valuable we are and what life is all about.

Find the most precious jewel

The secret of contentment

The 10th commandment says 'Do not covet'. This seems like a quaint, old-fashioned word. What does it mean and who covets anyway?

However, when you understand what coveting is (and the modern word for it), you'll also understand how much damage it does in our world. It explains why no matter how wealthy our society gets, it's never enough. It explains why as individuals trying to budget, we constantly wonder "why is there so much month left at the end of the money?"

And as usual, Jesus has a whole new perspective on possessions and contentment.

Tell the truth

It really works

If you've ever been lied to, you'll know that nothing destroys a relationship quicker than a lie. Lies are corrosive and damage not just the victim but also the one who tells the lie.

What does Jesus say about how we should speak to one another and why is it so important?

It's hip to be a square

What does wise living looks like? Is it worthwhile?

Spotting people who are living life well and are worth emulating should be easy but it isn't. Sometimes the life that looks like it offers everything you want has no real substance. This week at Bible Shots, as we continue our series in the book of Proverbs, we are trying to answer the questions "What does real wisdom look like?", "Why is it worth listening to?" and "Is it really hip to be a square?"

The only thing we have to fear

Fear doesn't seem like a great starting place for wisdom

In our last series at Bible Shots we examined 10 rules for life. But what happens when you face situations that the rules don't cover? That's when you need wisdom and insight from those with more experience on how to live life well.

But why look at the Bible? Wouldn't it be better to go straight to a book, website or YouTube video that addresses the particular thing we want help with? This week we are examining the beginning of wisdom and how it distinguishes Biblical wisdom from anything else that is going.