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Headstart: Do you want to start over? #3 RELATIONSHIPS

RESET: Office Relationships

Will is a young worker who is gentle and witty. His number one sauce for maccas nuggets should and must only be SWEET and SOUR. Apparently so is everyone’s.

Back at Headstart, Mark Leong delivers a cracker of a talk on resetting ourselves (see previous blogs on the third space). Keep reading to see how he tackled (office) relationships.


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Finding validation (Barangaroo)

The quest for meaning - dead ends and answers
Monday July 30th, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Organisers: A number of Christian groups from several companies located around Barangaroo have joined forces to host this event in partnership with City Bible Forum. This will involve light refreshments followed by a short talk by Al Stewart.

Topic: The quest for meaning - dead ends and answers

Speaker: Al Stewart

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Tell the truth - it really works

What does Jesus say about how we should speak to one another and why is it so important?

If you have ever been lied to, you will know that nothing destroys a relationship quicker than a lie. Lies are corrosive and damage not just the victim but also the one who tells the lie. The 9th commandment stresses the importance of speaking the truth to one another but the New Testament takes that idea even further. What does Jesus say about how we should speak to one another and why is it so important?

Learn to be generous

What does Jesus teach about our possessions and why is it liberating?

In the US, the Ten Commandments have been the focus of many discussions about the relationship between church and state. Yet for a "religious text", the Ten Commandments deal with surprisingly mundane matters.

In this series of talks, Al Stewart will highlight 5 rules for a healthy society that come from the Ten Commandments.

It's Ok, You Belong - Mastering the fear of being a fake

Videos of speakers: Justine Toh and Steve King

Ever feel like you’re a fraud? That you’re just not cut out for your job? And that someday, you’re going to be found out—and cast out?

You’re not alone. Tech billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, award-winning authors, business executives, and many other highly capable individuals all suffer from Imposter Syndrome: the persistent fear of being a fake.

Come hear two speakers grapple with their imposter experience, the strategies they use to keep their fear of phoniness at bay, and then pose your own questions to them.

You might find you’re in good company.

Headstart: Do you want to start over? #2 Resume

RESET: Resume

Julie is warm, bubbly and chatting to her will leave you loving life, friendships, exercise and even SUGAR!! Go Coke! What a joy to have her back at Headstart!! Where did she go?? … Why didn’t we see her all of Term 2? She has a brilliant story.. DO ask her ALL about it! In the mean time check out her reflections on Monday’s talk on RESUME.

Now what is a Resume?

Resume = A brief written account of personal, educational and professional qualifications and experience, as prepared for an application for a job.

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