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The events section below includes all current public forums, events, gatherings and networks happening in your locality. Activities include events, resources and other ways to engage. In some locations, our footprint is still growing and events may occur only a few times per year, however many events are now streamed so you can join from anywhere! Please check back regularly or get in touch with your local office if no events are published in the listing below.


Fri 9 Jun to Mon 12 Jun | Philiip Island

Our young workers weekend away in Melbourne

Tue 13 Jun | Sydney

We look forward to welcoming new members and learning about their journey

Mon 19 Jun

What might giving back look like at Headstart, now and in the future.

Thu 29 Jun, 7am-8am | Perth

City Legal Breakfast, Perth with Rory Shiner

Starts on Fri 28 Jul to Sat 29 Jul

Making rational, emotional, moral and historical sense of Christianity.


A weekly podcast and radio show with conversations exploring the bigger questions of life.
Melbourne | Weekly
Two speakers and one panel tackling a key social trend
Sydney | Quarterly
A group for those in the legal profession. Sharp legal minds engaging with the bigger questions of life.
All cities | Weekly
How does my Christian faith connect with my work?
All cities | Occasionally
Training, mentoring and community for Christian young workers
All cities | Weekly
Prayer, fellowship and resourcing for small groups of Christians
Serving Christ together in your company, firm or government department
All cities | Occasionally
A realistic 5 week challenge to deepen your evangelistic impact
A helpful resource for reading the Bible with your friend or colleague
A safe community for women to share perspectives, re-think positions and change practise, in order to grow in work and life.
All cities | Monthly
Ready. Set. God.
All cities | Quarterly
Helping men to face adversity and challenges in all walks of life
All cities | Weekly

What's on nearby

Breaking Bread with Jesus
HHG Legal Boardroom, Level 8
863 Hay Street, Perth