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How does my Christian faith connect with my work? How does it change the way I do it? How does it bring true meaning and purpose to my daily labour? And how might the answers to those questions also shape my workplace witness?

Work fills our waking hours. It can dominate our thinking. And yet oftentimes we might not be sure how our Christian faith impacts the nitty gritty of our daily work life. Join us in exploring the answers to those questions, as we connect the dots between the Christian faith and our daily work, for our good and ultimately for our Christian witness to our colleagues.

Kara Martin | 20 Jan 2023
New year, new you at work?
Ricky Njoto | 24 Nov 2022
Being faithful at work as a business owner
David Chan | 3 Nov 2022
Do you ever feel that you are just “too” busy? 


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