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Are you a Christian young worker who is looking for community during Monday to Friday? Are you searching for a forum to prepare you for the workplace?

Many Christian young workers enter the workplace in search for two things:

1. Christian community. They remember fondly the ease with which they enjoyed Christian community on campus.

2. Training. The workplace can be a bit like a jungle. Is there tailored training to tackle what you face day to day?

HEADSTART is an opportunity for Christian young workers to stay connected with each other and a chance to get ready for the openings and obstacles to the gospel in the workplace.

Headstart is for young workers by young workers. Come join the conversation and community online with other Christian young workers around Australia, and now friends from overseas too!

Please contact Grace Huang or one of our team for further information.

Dates for Headstart 2022





28 Feb - 28 Mar

Five Mondays

Evangelism between terms

2-9 May; Thurs 19 May

Two Mondays + Headstart @The Edge

Careers Fair

6 June

One Monday


27 June - 25 July

Five Mondays

Evangelism between terms

22 Aug - 5 Sep

Three Mondays


26 Sep - 7 Nov; Thurs 27 Oct

Five Mondays* + Headstart @The Edge

*No Headstart on 3 Oct and 24 Oct

Upcoming events

Recalibrate '23: Jindy
, Jindabyne
Taking Off
Level 3, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney

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