How to overcome chronic tunnel vision and share Jesus at work


Thu 20 May 2021
How to overcome chronic tunnel vision and share Jesus at work

Vanessa is a graduate in an accounting firm and all round winner. She showed her winning ways when she won Headstart's "Share Jesus at work" competition (that does sound very dodgy!). What she did win was one of 5 spots to take City Bible Forum's new online course, Share Jesus at Work with Sam Chan. Here is a short interview about how she found the course so far.

i) So Vanessa, why did you want to be one of the first 5 to “win” doing this course? Spots went very quickly after the post went up at 7pm on Tueday.

I am a recent graduate and miss studying so my ears pricked up when ‘Course’ was mentioned at Headstart. Just kidding. Actually, God has graciously blessed me with this graduate job opportunity and I have formed a few workplace friendships since starting. It’s been easy to chat about all things work-related, what’s for lunch and our weekend plans but I have been praying for ways to share my faith in a way that is both gentle and fruitful. This course seemed like a great place to start!

ii) That's so great to hear that you have been praying for opportunities. We'd love to hear how God answers that prayer over time. But for now, what is one thing you could put into practice from the course that will help you share Jesus at work?

One thing I remember from the course is this - Invite my work friends/co-workers into an environment where it is okay to discuss our differing worldviews and reassure them that it is safe and there is no judgement. This is especially true for me and my colleagues because we new-starters are constantly anxious about what we can/can’t do, I want to make sure that they feel comfortable with opening up about their non-work self. This would provide good opportunities to ask questions to understand their worldview better. I also think that intrinsically, everyone just wants to be heard and so listening and empathising with what they have to say is important.

iii) Yes! God gave us only one mouth but two ears for a reason. What is one thing that you will take away from doing this course

Right off the bat, I was so struck by Lesson 2 ‘How to Show Rare Love in the Workplace’. One of my key takeaways is to show love and care to my co-workers, the people that God has put before me, in a way that counters the ‘Your worth is dictated by your work’ idea. This means being wise with my time at work, being aware of my chronic tunnel-vision and consistently investing in those around me to show them the love of Christ.

iv) Chronic tunnel vision - that's a great phrase Vanessa. I totally see myself doing that. So let me wrap this up, how did you do the course and why would you recommend another worker to do this course

Everyone has different ways of working and different things going on. I did it at night because it stopped my brain from thinking about tomorrow’s action items (lol) yet I could still consider the work context enough to go through the course with specific people in mind.

I’d recommend any worker to do the course - no matter what job they have and how far they are into it. I had so many excuses - I’m too introverted/this might change work relationships/I forgot how to speak in actual sentences/how do I even start the convo?/etc but I came out feeling less anxious and more hopeful about sharing Jesus in the workplace. The course has also humbled me in the way it served as a reminder - this work, these people, this life is all possible because of God’s provision.

Wow! So great you even did the course with specific people in mind. Vanessa, thanks so much for your time.

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