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What I love about my in house Christian group - Ben

at Cochlear
Mon 30 Oct 2023



My name is Benjamin North, and I’ve been part of the Cochlear Christian group for several
years. Our group is mainly made up of employees from one of our Sydney offices, with
people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

Our group has a fortnightly lunchtime meeting where we read and discuss a story about
Jesus from the Gospels. It is a privilege to have this sort of meeting: to read, respectfully
discuss, and ponder who Jesus is with colleagues. I think it’s a wonderful example of
supporting diversity in the workplace.

What I love about my Christian workplace group:

  1. Having older Christians as role models. I love learning from older Christians. I do get to meet with older Christians local to my home at church. Whereas at the work Christian group I get to meet with Christians in the context I spend most of my week. I need role models in all parts of my life, and through the group I get to see Christians who work with integrity, come to our group and humbly reflect on the Bible.
  2. Providing opportunities for people to try out new things. For example, before doing so in our group, one member had never led a Bible discussion. Additionally, they hadn’t publicly shared their story of coming to Christian faith. In the safe environment of our group, they had the courage to try both things. Their courage helped others, including myself. Remembering this story makes me smile!
  3. Having a safe space for questions. There have been a few people who have come to our group, interested to learn more about the Christian faith. It’s been a joy to listen and answer questions together and read stories of Jesus with them.

I am grateful to be part of the group as it helps me bring my whole self to work. Every
fortnight, as I (often awkwardly) tell my colleagues I’m going to the Christian lunchtime
group, I’m reminded that my Christian faith ought to be lived out in my work. Not just in
attending a lunch-time group, but in how I work. Do I have integrity? Do I welcome the
newcomer and outsider? Do I help my colleagues in their work and put their needs above
my own, following Jesus’ example towards me? By attending the group, I more publicly out myself as a Christian, and this helps me live more like I do on Sunday as on Monday to Friday.

[Interested in starting an in-house group in your workplace? Contact Craig Josling]

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