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Having an Answer for The Bigger Questions with Rob Martin

Interviewing the Interviewer on the Bigger Questions
Mon 15 Nov 2021



This podcast is an episode of the Win/Win Evangelism podcast. Bigger Questions host Robert Martin is interviewed by Tina Waldrom from Evangelism in Australia to discuss some of the 200 guests he has interviewed over the years.

The pandemic world that we now live in, has raised a number of matters for people. This season in life has unearthed many questions that neighbours, friends and work colleagues may be grappling with. Rob discusses three key episodes of his show with Tina Waldrom.

They are: Where can we find hope in a Coronavirus world?, Can God be there amidst the pain? And How can we thrive in anxious times? Tina explores the answers to these questions and how they can help Christian believers be more effective in their personal witness for Christ.

In this discussion, Tina and Rob explore:

  • How to engage with the questions of hope and purpose that the pandemic is raising.
  • Deeper insights to questions of meaning and peace that people have.
  • How to explain to non-Christians why and how God matters in crisis.
  • The ways in which pain and suffering can be discussed with unbelievers.
  • Why anxiety is now so prevalent and ways to connect with the community.
  • What responses to give to anxious people that will help them explore faith.
  • How to respond to questions of suffering and pain in times of crisis.
  • Practical steps to help non-Christians who are asking the bigger questions.

This episode was originally recorded and published on the Evangelism in Australia website. Special thanks to Tina Waldrom and her time developing this resource.

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