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Overcoming anxiety in evangelism

Concrete methods for communicating well
Mon 15 Nov 2021



This podcast is an episode of the Win/Win Evangelism podcast. Caroline begins the interview by talking about relational equity with people, and the complexity of sharing the gospel in close relationships. Caroline shares how to have conversations that honour both God and others. How to share Jesus in conversations that are going both well, and not so well are discussed. Having a clear plan, how to talk about Jesus, no matter a person’s position, is a skill that Caroline teaches well.

In this episode, Caroline shares the wisdom from her own journey and the successful tips she teaches others. Negotiation becomes a key skill when sharing faith with people who have a different view. Having a clear pathway to approach a conversation that requires delicacy, is a key to gospel conversations. Caroline shares many stories to illustrate invaluable tips to overcoming anxiety in evangelism.

This episode was originally recorded and published on the Evangelism in Australia website. Special thanks to Tina Waldrom and her time developing this resource.

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Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

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