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Your hand selected care package to help with re-entering the workplace

If your boss is suggesting it might be time to get back into the physical workplace, you may feel all kinds of feelings. Your emotions may range from relief, frustration, inertia, apathy or even anxiety. If you're struggling to feel connected to your colleagues, in-between jobs or considering leaving your current workplace, this collection gives you resources to work through it.


Anne Winckel, Allan Bulman, Andrew Laird | 26 Oct 2021
How COVID has made some of us more busy, and what one Christian boss is seeking to do about it for his staff.
Caroline Spencer | 10 Sep 2021
A 4 session bible study on anxiety from the book of Phillipians
Sam Chan | 15 Mar 2020
Eternity Podcast Episode 6 - Become their go-to chaplain


Caroline Spencer | 26 Oct 2021
In light of the pandemic, people are re-thinking their careers or deeply questioning the role of work in their lives.
Caroline Spencer | 21 Sep 2021
How to get back to real-life relationships again
Andrew Laird | 21 Sep 2021
Caring for our colleagues during re-entry
Andrew Laird | 24 Aug 2021
Making the most of permission to be vulnerable
Amy Isham | 5 Feb 2021
Does your work ever feel pointless?
Andrew Laird | 13 Jun 2017
In a zoom or in a crowded office, how can we make the workplace less lonely?