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We all work, we believe that all people are workers in some way, whether professional or volunteer, outside of the home or caring for dependants. We believe God made people to work and that all kinds of work are pleasing to God. These resources explore how work and how it affects our relationships, lifestyles and beliefs.
Andrew Laird | 13 Feb 2022
Can we find something more at work?
Kara Martin | 1 Feb 2022
What we can learn from the early church to help us connect Sunday to Monday
Scott Pasley | 21 Jan 2022
Studies exploring praying together for our workplace, how to share Jesus at work, and how God views our work.
Ian Harper, Ray Ternes, Andrew Laird | 18 Jan 2022
How “love your neighbour” applies to daily work, featuring an economist and a barrister
Sam Chan, Joshua Cheung | 4 Jan 2022
Sam explains why it’s good to be weird in the workplace, plus encouraging stories of workplace evangelism from one young worker
Russ Matthews | 25 Nov 2021
Loyalty is fascinating and confusing
Andrew Laird, Sandy Clarke-Errey, Ray Ternes | 23 Nov 2021
An academic and mother reflects on the dangers of living according to “I am what I do”
Kara Martin, Andrew Laird | 9 Nov 2021
Author of 'Workship' explains why our work can be an act of worship, and practical tips for what that means for your 9 to 5.