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Ep 77: Is Jesus worth following?

Bigger Questions
Sharon Cheung
6 Aug 2017
Twitter personalities, your dreams, rules: what things are worth following? We ask Sharon Cheung some bigger questions

Ep 75: What does a Jew make of Jesus?

Bigger Questions
Martin Pakula
23 Jul 2017
Martin Pakula grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home and was successful in many ways but was deeply unhappy

Ep 73: Is there a spiritual dimension?

Bigger Questions
Julia Pope
9 Jul 2017
Julia Pope grew up in a non-religious home and had little interest in spiritual things. Yet she had an encounter with something that changed her life forever.

Ep 70: Is religion for fools?

Bigger Questions
Bill Medley
18 Jun 2017
Mark Twain allegedly claimed that 'Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool." Is religion for fools?

Ep 67: Aren't all Christians hypocrites?

Bigger Questions
Costa Englezos
28 May 2017
Costa Englezos saw and experienced hypocrisy in the church. It turned him off Christianity, but something changed

Ep 62: Do you feel good enough?

Bigger Questions
Nadia, Alan Lucas
16 Apr 2017
Have you ever felt that no matter what you did you were never good enough?

Ep 61: Is God relevant today?

Bigger Questions
Anthony B
9 Apr 2017
Anthony B. was a violent man and heavy drinker who discovered the relevance of God in the modern world.

Ep 60: Is it logical to believe in God?

Bigger Questions
Greg Restall
2 Apr 2017
Atheist Ricky Gervais says that the 'very definition' of God is a logical impossibility in this universe. Is he right?

Ep 57: the attraction conversion hypothesis

Bigger Questions
Gillian Asquith, Rob Buckingham, John Hudson, Mike Bird, Tracy Trinita
5 Feb 2017
Is the Bible brimming with lies? We test an implicit prediction that the Bible makes

Ep 53: When the fashion model met the designer

Bigger Questions
Tracy Trinita
4 Sep 2016
Indonesia's first supermodel shares her journey