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Finding validation: The quest for meaning - false trails and answers

Al Stewart
16 Aug 2018
What do the New Atheists, a Jewish Holocaust survivor and King Solomon tell us about the quest for meaning?

Can we live by science alone?

Bigger Questions
Chris Mulherin
12 Aug 2018
A word for Richard Dawkins

Markets, Materialism and the search for meaning

City Legal
Max Jeganathan
9 Aug 2018
For many, success in life is the acquisition of greater wealth, pleasure and power. Is there a better way?

Are you a well being?

Sam Chan
7 Aug 2018
Sam Chan's tips on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Finding Validation - Did I do alright?

Sam Chan
6 Aug 2018
Parents of grown up children often ask "did I do alright?"

Ep 105: Is the banking industry rotten?

Bigger Questions
Elizabeth Redman, Mark Sneddon
5 Aug 2018
A conversation on the financial services royal commission

It's hip to be a square

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
3 Aug 2018
What does wise living looks like? Is it worthwhile?

Find the most precious jewel

City Legal
Al Stewart
2 Aug 2018
The secret of contentment

The only thing we have to fear

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
27 Jul 2018
Fear doesn't seem like a great starting place for wisdom

Tell the truth

City Legal
Al Stewart
26 Jul 2018
It really works