Ep 74: What is wrong with the world?

Bigger Questions
Gillian Porter
16 Jul 2017
Atheist speaker and writer Dan Barker said, 'we atheists don't need to go to the doctor. There isn't anything wrong with us'

Ep 73: Is there a spiritual dimension?

Bigger Questions
Julia Pope
9 Jul 2017
Julia Pope grew up in a non-religious home and had little interest in spiritual things. Yet she had an encounter with something that changed her life forever.

Ep 72: Why am I not an atheist?

Bigger Questions
David Robertson
2 Jul 2017
Who made God? Will atheism bring freedom?

What's wrong with the world?

Bible Shots
Al Stewart
28 Jun 2017
Jesus tells us what he thinks is wrong with the world and he isn't afraid to be politically incorrect

Ep 71: Is mindfulness the answer to our problems?

Bigger Questions
Mark Trench
25 Jun 2017
Do you feel overworked, overwhelmed and overcommitted? Find a surprising pathway to peace

What does it mean to be a good Australian citizen?

City Legal
Sam Chan
Jun 22nd, 2017
What does it mean to be a Christian in a multicultural, secular, post-Christian nation?

Behind the magic - Why do films matter?

The Edge
Mark Hadley, Giles Hardie
22 Jun 2017
What does the film industry do to keep you coming back for more?

Power - who would you trust?

Bible Shots
Al Stewart
21 Jun 2017
What does it look like to use your power for good?

Ep 70: Is religion for fools?

Bigger Questions
Bill Medley
18 Jun 2017
Mark Twain allegedly claimed that 'Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool." Is religion for fools?

Treasure - can you see the most precious thing?

City Legal
Al Stewart
Jun 15th, 2017
If you found something truly valuable, what would you do to get it?