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Is conversion a dirty word?

10 Dec 2018
Conversion has a bad name. It smacks of superiority; that my way is better than your way. And yet, we all do it – eagerly!

The Myth of Jesus?

3 Dec 2018
Why leading atheists cringe when you say Jesus never lived

Why you’ll be thankful you read this blog post

16 Nov 2018
Did you know that there is a global 'Thank You Day'?

How are you?

2 Nov 2018
How to honestly answer your colleagues

All the time in the world?

22 Oct 2018
If you rethink time - you'll have all the time you need

Released from full time paid ministry

16 Oct 2018
Just like many, Bethany is a young worker and Headstarter. On a Monday evening, you will more often than not find her at Headstart.

Questions for an immigrant

The Edge
15 Oct 2018
A personal story of crossing the cultural divide

Jesus is the Question

Bigger Questions
12 Oct 2018
A poem by Cam Semmens shared at a recording of Bigger Questions. Something to get you to think.

"God is a Woman": What men (and women) need to learn

10 Oct 2018
Ariana Grande’s song “God is a Woman” (2018) is a cultural tour de force.

Headstart: #3 RELEASED

4 Oct 2018